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  • Best gift ideas for your Boss or Coworkers
  • Post author
    Sabrina Chammas

Best gift ideas for your Boss or Coworkers

Best gift ideas for your Boss or Coworkers

Even if you don't particularly like your coworkers or boss, offering them a little something special could help you build a better relationship, which could have long-lasting benefits to your career and improve your workdays. 

There are many occasions to give a colleague or employer a gift: It could be for their birthday, engagement, new promotion, or a seasonal holiday. 

When thinking of gift ideas, there are 3 main factors to consider: 1- The person's personality 2- The usefulness and durability of the gift 3- What the gift means on a deeper level. 

Ideally, you would want a gift to say: "I care enough to offer you something that would be of value to YOU". below are some suggestions based on personality types. 

1- The type A 

We all know a few type As: the highly competitive, organized, controlling, outspoken, ambitious, and impatient person who could be easily mistaken for being the boss no matter what their position actually is. What this person really needs is to chill! Help them relax by offering them a spa day, massaging device, yoga classes, or diffuser. If they're in Vancouver, you can offer them a membership at Moment Meditation where they can participate in group guided meditation sessions. 

moment guided meditation 

2- The Creative

One of the best things you could gift a creative is something that will help them bring out their creativity even more and inspire them. This could be an art class they never tried before. For example, a filmmaker might enjoy taking an oil painting class as they could discover new ways to express themselves visually. If you think that would be too risky, just get them tickets to see a play or art show to inspire them. 

alexa art print green leaf

For wrapable gift ideas, we recommend checking out Alexa Mazarello's print shop and the "freelance warrior" note pad by Alicia Carvalho. 

3- The Minimalist 

Just cause they're a minimalist, doesn't mean that they wouldn't want to receive anything at all! Since minimalists don't like clutter and accumulating things, you could simply offer them an experience they would never forget or some kind of digital subscription or membership. How about a membership to audible where they could listen to thousands of books and podcasts or a coworking space membership if they currently work from home. 

L'Atelier Coworking in Vancouver offers online gift cards that you can send by text or email. 

Atelier coworking gift card

4- The Social butterfly 

This person cannot be alone. ever. Gather all your coworkers and throw them a surprise party at the office. Get everyone to sign a card and pitch in for a group gift that everyone could enjoy together: a bowling night, escape room, the hottest club, or a day at a theme park where they would be surrounded by lots of people would be perfect.  

5- The environmentalist 

Avoid getting your eco-friendly friends a gift with any unnecessary and wasteful packaging. The eco-conscious co-worker would really appreciate a cute desk plant (ie: a succulent in a really nice pot) or anything made from sustainable materials. 

6- The health junkie 

Matcha tea has tons of health benefits and can be enjoyed at work. Get your healthy friend a pack of matcha and a whisk and they will love you forever. You could also get them a month subscription to receive freshly squeeze green juices at the office! 

You can get high quality matcha at a good price from Whisk Premium Matcha's online store.  

7- The techie 

You may never be able to keep up with the latest trends but your techie friend would definitely want to. Rather than spending on expensive gadgets, get them a print and digital subscription to Wired magazine. (Bonus: it comes with a free gift!). 


 Photo by Alexa Mazzarello

  • Post author
    Sabrina Chammas

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