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  • Realistic Morning Routine: Tips to Get You Out The Door on Time
  • Post author
    Sabrina Chammas

Realistic Morning Routine: Tips to Get You Out The Door on Time

Realistic Morning Routine: Tips to Get You Out The Door on Time

There are thousands of articles out there on things to do in the morning to start the day off right and they include a bunch of awesome activities like working out, meditating, and preparing a nice breakfast.

The problem with these lists is that they all sound really good in theory but they don't work for people who just want to stay in bed for as long as possible and don't have an extra hour or two in the morning to spare. 

Here are some tips to make the most out of your mornings without having to wake up earlier: 

The Night Before 

1) Pick your outfit ahead of time

Check the weather, choose what you will wear, steam/iron and set aside so you don't have to think about all that in the morning when your brain is still foggy. 

2) Make your breakfast and pack your lunch 

We recommend making overnight oaks in a jar. It literally only takes a couple of minutes and you can make it while you're waiting for your dinner to cook. Pack your lunch and snacks the night before as well and have them ready to go. 

3) Set aside all the things you have to take with you 

A good chuck of time in the morning is wasted on just gathering all your stuff: your jacket, your keys, your wallet, your shoes, that thing you need to return at the store. Just set them aside in a place where you would be able to easily find them in the morning and pre-pack your bag if you can.  

Pro tip: Write down all your worries and remaining "To Dos" in your Focus Journal to deal with in the morning. Your brain needs to be calm and zen in order to get a good night sleep. 

Morning Of 

4) Get Your Boost

Whether it's a cold shower, coffee, a short in bed meditation, or a quick 15 min HIIT routine, you need something that will wake your body and mind. Find the right activity for you by trying out different ones. 

    5)  Challenge yourself to stick to a timed schedule

    Only allow yourself to spend a specific amount of time on each activity. For example: No more than 5 minutes to take a shower, 4 minutes to do your makeup etc... You can even make a little list on a sticky note with the key times you need to hit: ie: Out of bed by 7:35, Out of the Shower by 8:00, Dressed by 8:15 etc... 

    6) Have something to look forward to 

    Find a way to make your morning fun! Play some music, listen to a podcast, or watch a short and fun video on youtube. Whatever it is, reward yourself for getting out of bed with something you like doing and find a way to fit it in your morning routine. 


    • Post author
      Sabrina Chammas

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