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  • How to Use Hygge to boost your Productivity: 10-step guide
  • Post author
    Sabrina Chammas

How to Use Hygge to boost your Productivity: 10-step guide

How to Use Hygge to boost your Productivity: 10-step guide

"Hygge" is a danish word and way of life that has really been trending on the internet lately: The Danes are the happiest people on the planet and it's partly due to their philosophy of applying "Hygge" to their daily lives by focusing on well-being and consciously doing things that they find comforting and pleasant. "Hygge" is about creating a cozy and happy atmosphere for yourself and since you spend a majority of your time working, it's definitely worth exploring how you can make your work days a bit more "Hygge". Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started:

 Use Hygge to organize your desk and increase your productivity

1. Declutter 

You can't think clearly when there is a ton of junk on your desk. Take a moment to trash or tuck away anything that doesn't need to be on in your work corner. 

2. Choose the right kind of lighting

You would want your lighting to be bright enough to be energizing and allow you to focus but also soft enough that it doesn't hurt your eyes or drain all your energy. We recommend sitting by a window for some natural light and getting a Himalayan pink salt lamp for a warm and cozy vibe. Bonus: it is said that a pink salt lamp can have many other wellness benefits which you can read more about here

3. Add some greenery  

There's nothing like being in nature to make you feel calm and grounded. Bring some of the outdoor freshness in by adding a few plants in your office or little low maintenance succulents on your desk. We also like snake plants and Heartleaf Philodendrons because they are low maintenance! 

4. Set the mood with Music 

Lyrics can be really distracting when trying to get work done. We recommend the following playlists on spotify: 

Jazz Vibes 

Chill Beats 

Best of Trip Hop and Downtempo

5. Make yourself comfortable/ adjust your posture 

Be conscious about how you're sitting at your desk. Consider raising your screen to relieve tension from your neck. You can also add pillows or use a standing desk and make sure to walk around and stretch every once in a while. 

6. Take a moment for yourself 

Now that your environment is hygge, it's time to start knocking things off your to-do list... Wait, not so fast! Before rushing into your work, take 5 minutes to breath in, meditate, or sip a cup of tea. This will put you in the right mind set and make you more of an actor than a reactor of your work day. 

7. Plan your day

Check your calendar for any upcoming meetings and set 3 goals or priority tasks for the day. Just focusing on three main things will insure that you don't spend too much time on the smaller, less essential tasks. You can use The Focus Journal to help you out. 


Use hygge at work and declutter your desk to feel good

8. Plan for fun breaks and things that make you happy 

You will work more efficiently if you know how to manage your energy levels and plan for breaks. However you choose to go about your day, make sure to block off 30 minutes for your meal and another 30 minutes to do something that makes you happy: planning a road trip, leaving the office for a quick walk, doing something creative, reading etc... 

The Focus Journal is one tool you can use to help with work-life integration and it includes a list of suggested fun and well-being tasks.

9. Connect with your coworker 

Making genuine connections with the people you work with can significantly improve your work life. Next time you run into your coworker in the kitchen, instead of the usual small talk, ask them out for lunch or drinks after work to really get to know them! Being social is a huge part of hygge and you don't need to be extroverted to build your relationships. 

10. Evaluate your work day and disconnect for the rest of the night 

After you finish your work, evaluate your levels of productivity, fun, well-being in your Focus Journal and write down a short summary of how your day went and things you need to address the next day/ week. 

Once that's done, set a work cut off time and try not to respond to anymore emails. If you remember something to do, just set a reminder or write it down in your journal, if it can wait, let it. 





  • Post author
    Sabrina Chammas

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